Sarau Carioca

The duo

Sarau Carioca is an authentic and talented duo that expresses in its music the Brazilian sonority and joy. Whoever listens to them goes in a trip to the distant lands of the south, and tastes the flavours of this rich culture that they love and praise.

Sarau Carioca, Le Garage Cafe, 2019.

Who we are

Sarau Carioca started from the musical affinity of two carioca musicians who met in Winnipeg in the winter of 2017. Sarau is a concept that may be found in classical literature. It is a meeting in which people gather to express their cultural experiences artistically. And Carioca simply identifies somoeone native of Rio de Janeiro. Thus, as the duo’s intention was to disseminate Brazilian culture through music, the words Sarau and Carioca were chosen, since both the artists and the musical genre they perform come from Rio. Featuring vocals and guitar, the duo emerged in the mid-2018s performing in Winnipeg with authentic and warmth.

Marcos Martins

Samba has always been present in Marcos’ life since he was a little human being. His father would play records from artists such as João Nogueira and Paulinho da Viola while Marcos would be playing around with his toys.

After a friend taught Marcos his first chords on the guitar, he started to listen to rock and roll music and learned all he could on the instrument. But the seeds were planted already and the Brazilian music would come out sooner or later!

A big fan of João Nogueira, Noel Rosa, and Cartola, Marcos joined forces with Luana Cunha (who also loves those guys and their music!) to bring to life a project that filled their hearts with joy, and that needed to be shared with the world!

Recently graduated from Brandon University (M.Mus.) in Brandon, MB, Marcos also studied at Conservatório Brasileiro de Música (B.Mus.) and Escola de Música Villa-Lobos (music initiation), both in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Luana Cunha

Luana Cunha was born in Rio de Janeiro, where she began her career as a singer at age 12 when she started performing as a soloist in a choir in a Baptist Church. In 1998, she started to perform in various events including weddings, graduations, and shows. 

She studied piano classical piano as a child and spent some of her teenage years tutoring some Samba bands in Brazil. She also performed in several musicals during her school years. 

Luana studied singing at the Villa Villa-Lobos Music School, where she participated in a traditional choir. She also led two bands and participated in various artistic and musical shows. 

Luana holds a degree in Literature and a Master Degree in Linguistics and has promoted and directed several artistic events involving Brazilian popular music.

Winnipeg Jazz Festival

On the news

Original songs

Sarau Carioca – Acoustic Live Session

Last summer, we had an amazing time performing at the Winnipeg International Jazz Festival where we released three original songs Canarinho, É Carnaval, and Meu Samba. We also recorded two of those songs with BNB Studios for their YouTube channel. Currently we have been working on a new project that will be released in 2020.

Sarau Carioca is a delightful Brazillian music outfit thriving in Winnipeg, Canada. Their performance of bossa nova and samba classics can transport listeners to the warm winds and bright personalities of Rio de Janeiro and surrounding areas. Plus they?re writing new songs, contributing to the legacy of bossa nova in a new way. Personally I love listening to Luana’s voice, and Marcos playing is top-notch and he is clearly very well educated. I’ll be looking out for their next release!
Jennifer Doerksen
BNB Studious

Prairie Ink Restaurant

The music of Luana Cunha & Marcos Martins, or Sarau Carioca, has been a wonderful addition to our Restaurant. They regularly receive high praise from staff and patrons alike and strike the perfect balance between serving as both a tastefully engaging background and a strong focus for those looking to sink into their groove. The fact that they’re such a pleasure to work with is yet another reason why we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an intoxicating blend of samba and bossa nova – or just good music in general.
John Toews
Events Coordinator | Music Booking 
McNally Robinson Booksellers

New Music Night at The Good Will – Social Club 

U Multicultural channel

The Scattered Seed Craft Market

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